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The Definitive Guide to Unique Places to Eat and Drink

It’s been more than 18 months since Covid-19 began denying people the foundational pleasures of shared meals and travel. While the pandemic has not ended, we can increasingly meet friends for drinks and seek out new restaurants—or look forward to doing so soon.

That’s why we, the editors of Gastro Obscura, want to share something we’ve been working on: our global guide to unique restaurants, bars, food museums, and more. Below, you can explore a pizzeria whose oven is an active volcano, a Native American restaurant serving pre-colonial dishes, and 700 more places that offer unusual or wondrous eating experiences.

Do you think we’re missing a unique and amazing restaurant, bar, or street-food stall? You can add it! This guide is part of Atlas Obscura’s catalogue of the world’s most obscure and wondrous places, and like the larger atlas, it is larger and richer thanks to suggestions and contributions from curious readers and travelers like you. To learn more about what kinds of restaurants and places belong in this guide, check out our Gastro Obscura FAQs.

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